Saturday, May 14, 2016

Big News coming out of Rotary International Council on Legislation

Rotaractors can now be active members of a Rotary Club.
The Council approved by an overwhelming majority, that the members of the rotaract can simultaneously be a member of a Rotary and a Rotaract Club.
This will pave the way for a better transition within the Rotary. Some Rotaractors are reluctant to leave their rotaract club before they reach the age of 30 years, the maximum age, because they don't want to sever ties with the friends. Similarly, some former Rotaractors are encountering difficulties in obtaining a rotary club in order to invite them as a member. Only 5 % are currently making the transition. The goal is to reach 50 %!!!
The same council rejected the proposal to consider raising the Rotaract age limit to 35 and the proposal  to consider lowering the maximum age for membership in Rotaract to 25.

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